Calgary Wedding Videographer

There are so many preparations that came along with the wedding day so most of the young couples often forget or are confused which videography style to choose to preserve the wonderful emotions of the big day. During your wedding planning and online research, you may notice many terms related to wedding videography that are hard explainable or strange to you. To find out more about the different videography ideas read on and all will be explained.

Documentary style is often used to explain long videos that are covering the entire wedding day from morning preparation to the evening reception. To cover every single moment wedding videographer`s use more cameras to make sure that everything will be relived in chronological order. Documentary tends to look more like a family-shot video – it can be edited, but usually lightly.

Cinematic Style is a shorter option for couples who appreciate more artistic appearance of their big day. This style focuses more on the editing moment to fit with favourite music tracks. At the end, you will receive a DVD with the key moments of the big day instead of a full story of your wedding. Have a conversation with your videographer and tell them to capture the sequences that mean something to you, because if you don`t specify which memories you want highlighted they may be overlooked. The reason why this type of video works so well is because of the creativity and the way it captures the moments as they happen without clear direction. Because of the length of the video you can easily share it with your family and friends.

Storytelling – starts way before the actual wedding day. The wedding videographers will usually do a pre session in a more natural, realistic environment to retell your love story explaining how you met your beloved one and why you fell in love. The video incorporates lovely details of your relationship and it has some kind of a Hollywood approach. The most significant factor here is to build a strong relationship with the videographer and make sure you are on the same page about what will be captured.

Not all wedding videos are created equal. If you are not quite sure about your expectations, you can mix different formats of documentary, cinematic videography and have a more interactive wedding video that captures the most important day from virtually different angles.


Calgary Wedding Videographer