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A reiki course is quite simple in principle: via a simple course of treatment, a student is initiated into the use of reiki energies via a series of ever more precise and powerful ‘attunements’, which contain a fantastically powerful form manipulating reiki energies effectively. These attunements also have a massively powerful effect on the body, containing and aligning the forces and energies that course through it. The differing rates at which these energies spin necessitates the partition of reiki courses into three separate levels, according the normal reiki teaching method. In the final stage of reiki instruction, the stage at which the student of reiki finally achieves mastery and the right to use these energies for their personal good and for the good of others, certain reiki power symbols are taught to them by their master. These will be discussed below.

Nowadays, it has become possible, thanks to the Internet and to the explosion of reiki courses throughout the world, to attain the first two levels of reiki mastery within a matter of days. This leads to a stronger reiki attunement, in the experience of respected reiki practitioners. The final control over reiki is signified and carried out by use of the reiki power symbol, which we shall discuss below.

The reiki master attunes the student by acting as a conduit, using his or her hands to alter the energy flows of the student, thereby creating a conduit which allows the energy to flow through the both of them unimpeded. The cosmic energy that reiki practitioners use is thereby given free play in the body, and the flows from the base of the spine to the top of their head. This river of pure energy is the secret behind the efficacy of reiki energy and the popularity of reiki as a healing method – frequently, both reiki practitioners and patients feel refreshed after a session. This makes these attunements a special experience for both parties, another benefit of reiki.

Stage one of the attunement process, which is meant to benefit the physical, corporeal self of the student, is not where reiki symbols are taught. That comes later, during the second stage, wherein the student is taught the uses of these power symbols as well as the importance of using the right ones for their ends and needs. This attunement opens up the body and allows it access to the spiritual energy contained in the body of the master. The second stage, attunement level 2, is where the reiki symbols are introduced, along with the basic reiki symbol, the reiki power symbol. Whereas the first stage is intended for the opening up of the energies of the body, the second stage sets the body’s energies into motion and gives the student the power to contain them and use them beneficially. So the use of the reiki power symbol lies in stage 2, alongside the distance symbol, and the mental symbol. The power symbol is the basic symbol of the reiki method, as it is what signifies the power of the student over the energies that course through his or her body.

cursuri reiki bucuresti

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